The Engage-A-Thon is a blended facilitation approach that exists to resolve persistent engagement & collaboration challenges by using a mix of in-person and virtual facilitation 

We unleash your human potential by creating the safe spaces for it to come alive and thrive

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You are doing an incredible job, building a business that adds value to the world, but you are getting stuck.  Your processes and technology seem to lead your humans rather than the other way around and you struggle to get off the reactive hamster wheel of fire-fighting.  

This means that you may be getting 30 or 40 pence in the pound of optimal value for every £1 spent on salaries - does this sound familiar?

The Engage-A-Thon is a blended facilitation solution to help solve that perpetual challenge and allows you to take action on business challenges on a more regular, inclusive and innovative basis, rather than waiting for the annual survey to come in.  

This is a business & people blended solution, it is tailored to your distinctly unique context, is scaleable globally and has the potential to engage your team and increase innovation like you have never experienced before.

The In-Person Part


Bringing together your leadership team with at least one director level sponsor is key to the process.

We run a 4-sprint, psychologically safe, effectiveness hackathon to gather real-life, current data points from the leaders, of which the key themes will then inform the virtual part of the Engage-A-Thon.

In one recent example the Executive Committee member and Global Technical Director were involved as part of a 40 person leadership Hack.

Critically, ownership of the follow up to this session is distributed among willing delegates.

At this stage it is also advisable to include any recent pulse or annual engagement data as part of the in-person hack.

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The Virtual Part


Depending on what key themes come out of the in-person hackathon, which must include at least one director level sponsor, the virtual part can and will include a wide variety of colleagues from different parts of your organisation, based on identified need.

In one recent example, the client organisation reached out to regional business management to include sales, marketing, finance and customer service in a wider conversation as to how to collaborate more effectively.

Phase I of this virtual process has resulted in over 60 people being deeply engaged in the process from across the EMEA region, increasing employee voice, improving transparency and identifying a wide range of solutions and common themes that leadership and colleagues are keen to help develop for the benefit of individuals and the organisation.

As this work is more qualitative, especially in the earlier phases, please click about us below to be taken to an example case study where the exceptional business and human results of focusing on the collective wisdom of all are evidenced.

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"He manages to create a great “safe” atmosphere in his own unique way"

" With asking the right questions Garry manages to make a new (surprising) structure within our Task Force. I have learned that reliability, honesty, empathy & humour are only some of the ingredients of his success"

- Lodewijk Mellema, Director APIs, IMCD Group

"Garry is a very dynamic, engaging and informative speaker, we were blessed to have him on the stage in Kuwait"

"His workshop (Hackathon on Employee Advocacy) was very engaging, inspiring, lively and effectively informative that was evaluated to 'exceed expectations' by attendees"

- Rami Qarfan, Product Development, Vigor Events